The life of these products are only estimates based on our observations. Our warranty is for 1-year parts and labor. Some products come with an additional manufactures warranty.

Access controls are a great way to enter an operated gate effortlessly. These are electronic devices that range from simple exit loop to remote, card reader, keypad or EZ tag. Gates and operators add prestige and convenience to properties and their users. Gates can be of wood, tube steel or chain link with tube steel framework. Operators are electric motors with circuitry to open and close a gate or gates.

Burglar bars prevent the unlawful entry into a building through the glass windows and doors. This product is typically painted square tube steel. Installation can be inside or out.


Chain link fence is and inexpensive way to secure or contain a project. It comes in galvanized, aluminized and vinyl coated mesh and framework. The life of these products range from 10 to 25 years.

Construction fence is the simplest of fences to secure a project. These are usually 6′ chain link fabric with posts driven into the ground and of used material for projects 6 months to a year.

Hand rails help cue and safely restrict or contain pedestrian traffic. These are made of round or square tube steel and may have chain link infill or tube steel infill. The finishes can be galvanized, painted or powder coated.

Louvered Fence has horizontal slats that allow ventilation. They are made from either steel or aluminum and are commonly used around mechanical yards as a screen barrier.

Ornamental iron fence is an aesthetic and decorative way to secure a property. It is manufactured out of tube or bar steel with a galvanized powder coated or painted finish. The lifetime of this product is 5 to 20 years, some maintenance required.

Pipe rail fence is a theft deterrent mainly for car lots. The most common material is 3″ round painted pipe about 24″ high.

Privacy slat inserts are primarily used to screen a project where chain link fence is used. It is made of PVC (poly vinyl chloride) material with about a 10-year life span.

Razor ribbon provides security from individuals going over the top of a fence. This product is typically an 18″ stainless steel coil above a fence 6′ or higher with sharp barbs. It will last a lifetime.

Specialty Items are fabricated according to specific customer requests, needs or desires. We strive to accommodate your wildest imagination in creating decorative fence and gates as well as art work.

Track and field fence is necessary for the protection of spectators. These are made of chain link fence only higher with tops and canopies and other irregular shapes.

Turnstiles are best used to control personnel entry and size of objects permitted into a site. These are either electric or manual and are painted or galvanized steel.

Welded wire/Vegetation screen gives an architectural look to a project. It comes in galvanized, black steel and vinyl coated with wood or steel framework. “It is designed to facilitate vegetation growth for screening purposes. Next add products “Windscreen is a cost effective screening barrier. They come in many colors and opacity.” and “Miscellaneous metals are steel fabrications from art to utility purposes. There are an infinite number of applications.”

Wood fence is commonly used for privacy screening. The life of this product is about 7 to 10 years and is made of cedar pickets and treated pine framework. It can have a natural finish or stained to desired color.

Woven wire partitions are an excellent way to secure tools and parts in a warehouse situation. These are painted with mesh welded to an angle or channel with tube steel posts.